The Teachers#24

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Dog’s Pub#64

The Rebel#44

cover1My Other Me

Before you ask, yes Gluten can die……..I think………. Continue reading



Forgot to add, next week is a week off so dont expect any comics for friday till the second week of march


Dog’s Pub#12-15


Stuff and Things#March2018

To clarify, due to some delays and holidays you wont get new teachers or dogs pub until March, so have patience mates

Now on to the stuff and things, March begins the storyline that concludes the Ghost Recon arc, while Mouse finally finds a new home, but gains new enemies as the Order has ordered her assassination, no pun intended.

Now the plan is for The Rebel to do at least six parts, if not five at the max, or more I havnt decided how many parts this storyline has, so itll take up most of the year, with the final year of the war after with MANY MULTI PART STORIES,

While Runaway Girl will go into the ‘Broken Hearts’ storyline [its a wroking title, I wanted ‘The Order’ but that was too boring] that will be in two parts

Here, these are the artworks for them, along with the solicitations for March……..



Artwork1The Rebel#45

DRAG ME TO HELL PART1! The Rebels head to the Egypt battlefield, where the rebels and vexodites fight on a bloody stalemate, but danger looms as Ghost Recon begins the endgame…………..





Artwork1Runaway Girl#23

Mouse has finally found a place where she can call home, but proving herself is gonna be a challenge as some legacy’s cant be ignored………..


Dog’s Pub#8-11


Dog’s Pub#4-7


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Dog’s Pub#63