Dog’s Pub#4-7


Im Back

As the title says I am back to making comics

Now seeing as I have alot to catch up on, there is gonna be a few delays, that will lead to March but hey, at least you still get the comic for this month, with all new Runaway Girl and The Rebel

Now the next storyline begins in March, with The Rebel heading to Egypt for the final confrontation with Ghost Recon, and after will be the Final Year of the Vexodite War, which means of course The Rebel is going to end soon, but not for another two years, probably

As for Runaway Girl, the plan is to wrap up a big storyline before then so I can release the final storyline fortnightly, but it will come back after

So enjoy, read your favourites and tell your friends, this blog is staying whether I get viewers or not, I made this blog to put my comics online so I dont care if you read it or not

Just telling a story