Spaced Out#2



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Month off

For those you just arrived, I’ll be taking a month off, all comics will resume in February next month, with Runaway Girl, Dog’s Pub, The Rebel and The Teachers

BUT you will still have comics this month, every wednesday will be a new comic, except for the last week which is the stuff and thangs for Feb,

Today however is a surprise, it will be a list of recomadations and a personal list of my favourite comics that I made.

Well see you all next month! There now its done, lets see where are those keys, ah there we go, im on a highway to hell, im on a highway to hell, oh hi doggie AH GOD GET OFF ESUS! HUFF HUFF HUFF HUFF OH GOD HE BROUGHT FRIENDS! AHAHRGHBAODJIJGNIRGNKDNVRNVROFNVITVMTKBMFKVNF

Stuff and Thangs January#2018

January will be a holiday for me, one month of No new comics, except that one new comic thats been in development hell for years, anyway this month you get comics from the archives.

Thats right, it will be TheManOnFire#2, Spaced Out#2 and the new TheManOnFire#3, so dont be surprised if you spot new art halfway in that, twice.

Now what does next year hold? Well in March will start “Drag Me To Hell” storyline for the Rebel, which will conclude Year 3 of the Vexodite War, while Year 4 will be the FINAL YEAR OF THE WAR, which means The Rebel is coming to an end.

Now when the final storyline happens, Runaway Girl will be on hiatus, as I plan to release that storyline fortnightly. More details over 2018

Now as for Runaway Girl, Mouse finally finds a new home, but it won’t last long as The Order continues its plans for the chosen one, her boyfriend Robert

Now Merry Christmas and here the solicts: Continue reading