Stuff and Thangs #July2017

Next Month is the whole Unknown Soldier issue, like the entire The Black Cadillac storyline and some new artwork, sorta

While thats been happening I’ve been working on #2017, which theme will be, of course, time travel

And of course more Rebel and Runway Girl to come, with The Rebel still in fillers for a while before the next big storyline, which concludes the Ghost Recon saga, I still have some ideas to mess with before that so it might be a while

As for Runaway Girl, it almost begins its next storyline, which doesn’t connect to her bloodline or anything personal, just her getting involved in a siege, where she will face her childhood hero.

Now for July comics……………

The Rebel#38

David has been captured by his arch nemesis, no the other guy, I don’t know the one who does things with memories, NO! I don’t remember his name……..


Runaway Girl#15

Its the night of the school dance, and Mouse is excited to go with her boyfriend, but not even the worlds greatest warrior can have a romantic night without something going wrong……..

Unknown Soldier The Black Cadillac

JASON IS BACK! Hunted and on the road as he comes across a girl with the technology to cure the zombie virus, but this girl has a dark secret, and a past thats been hunting her ever since the outbreak,

Jason will soon learn if he’s the monster, or the soldier…….


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