Stuff and Thangs August#2017

Ah August, to tell the truth I never keep tract of the months

New comics are coming in August, New The Rebel and Runway Girl, also New Dog’s Pub and new series The Teachers

The teachers are just more comic strips about, you guess it the teachers in random situations, while Dog’s Pub continues to be funny and random too

As for storylines, The Rebel starts a new one in September, with a horror element in it as he discovers the first Vexodites on Earth. Runaway Girl starts a new storyline this month with The Omega Man, a superman like hero, and theres a high, really high chance she might die

Anyway time for the solicits for August……

artwork1Runaway Girl#17

THE OMEGA MAN! Mouse enters MEGA CITY and admire all the tall buildings and awesome sites, but this visit may cost the warrior her very life………





Artwork1The Rebel#39


-BREAK TIME! The rebels decides to have a small camp out before the next battle, there will be laughs, there will be stories, but as the rebels enjoy their time off, a man who lost the woman he loves plots the perfect plan to kill the rebels once and for all…………

-MANS BEST FRIEND, a short story about a dog and his human…………………


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