This website is for me to upload comics, comic strips and any other artwork in my inventory, so people can read and enjoy, this is a non profit thing I just do this for fun

So if you like them, great, if not well its not my problem, this is my hobby and Im not planning to stop anytime soon

So I think its fair to give a bit of a background information on them, the main comics of course and maybe the main strip comics


The Rebel

Earth 2012, Aliens known as the Vexodites have invaded and conquered the Earth, taking over cities and enslaving humansartwork

But One Man decided to stand up to them, building a army he started the war for our planet

His army, consists of Humans, Freaks, Robots and even some Vexodites as they fought for the fate of Earth

The Rebel is Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure and Comedy comic released monthly



cover3David Mcdoyle- The Leader and Main Protagonist of the Series, David is the man with the plan, always steps ahead of his enemies as he leads his army into the battlefield.

Jessica Talbot- David’s partner and Second Main Protagonist, She is as hot headed as the leader and always comes through, helping David with his plans, and getting help for her own.

Grace Holloway- David’s First Partner, she worked with David since the beginning of the war and always serve as his conscience, she is also the love interest of Mark

artwork2Pyro and Drago- The two foot soldiers and the Supporting Characters, soon Main Protagonists, Pyro always get killed or worse and the subject of all the slapstick while Drago is the innocent, gentle dragon who can’t fly.

Gluten- The Third Main Protagonist, he is random, infact I don’t even know what he is and I made the guy! Just don’t worry when he goes off somewhere cause he does that.

Alex [A-Lexandrie]- A Female Vexodite and Supporting Character, she doesn’t want to rule only to discover as she has always been fascinated by Earth, so she join the rebels to help in their cause.

Mark Cutthroat- A human and Secondary Antagonist, he is the human resources of the Vexodite Empire and David’s Rival as he seek vengeous, plotting a way to defeat the rebels once and for all. He is the love interest of Grace.

Emperor Menigitas- The Emperor of the Vexodites and Main Antagonist of the series. He plots from his Mothership and controls the Earth with a iron fist, he is considered the Strongest and Smartest of the species.


Runaway Girl

artwork2A Young Girl runs, not from any conflict or anybody, but she runs to her home, wherever it is

Mouse goes on a journey to find herself a place where she belongs, beating up badguys and monsters along the way, as this girl is not one to mess with.

Runaway Girl is Action, Fantasy, Adventure and Comedy as it is released monthly


Mouse [Margaret Bloodthowne]- The Main Protagonist of the series, a girl with the power of the beast inside her as she defeats anyone who stands in her way.


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