Stuff and Thangs#September2017

Ah that awkward moment till you realize that 2017 is nearly ending, but not for a long time

Until then I got #2017 in development right now, which means that in October, The Rebel and Runaway Girl will go on a month hiatus, since all the time will go into this issue

Who knows I might release more comics in October, but for now theres still The Teachers and Dog’s Pub to fill the weeks.

Now for storylines, The Rebel starts the two parter in September and Runaway Girl is still in its current storyline that will get resolve in December, probably, it depends if I do the Christmas issue

Shit ignore that

and that

and that

Hey here’s the Solits for September…………… Continue reading

Comic editing

I have edited the reading process of all comics, so far since I got a few left to do, but now all comics are easy to read, except the early ones which have glitches

How was I supoose to know it wont accept gifs?

Anyway hope you enjoy all comics of the Rebel, Runaway Girl and any other comic in the Comic List


Thank you