Stuff and Thangs#November2017

Hoho! Did anyone see that Nostalgia Critic review of IT? Man what a laugh!

Oh and if you want scary hoplessness things read Batman Dark Knights Metal, but anyway I’m here to talk about next months comics, since I locked the owner in the closet until October finishes

………ok after talking to him, he told me to talk about how Runaway Girl’s storyling “The Omega Man” finishes in December, just in time for Christmas, as for the Rebel well you’ll be getting two issues in November, as the “Ghost Recon” story arc will finish next year, in a storyline called “DRAG ME TO HELL” sounds spooky

Now lets finish this post with the solicitations, so I can go out and eat trees, what its not weird…………. Continue reading


Stuff and Thangs#September2017

Ah that awkward moment till you realize that 2017 is nearly ending, but not for a long time

Until then I got #2017 in development right now, which means that in October, The Rebel and Runaway Girl will go on a month hiatus, since all the time will go into this issue

Who knows I might release more comics in October, but for now theres still The Teachers and Dog’s Pub to fill the weeks.

Now for storylines, The Rebel starts the two parter in September and Runaway Girl is still in its current storyline that will get resolve in December, probably, it depends if I do the Christmas issue

Shit ignore that

and that

and that

Hey here’s the Solits for September…………… Continue reading

Stuff and Thangs #July2017

Next Month is the whole Unknown Soldier issue, like the entire The Black Cadillac storyline and some new artwork, sorta

While thats been happening I’ve been working on #2017, which theme will be, of course, time travel

And of course more Rebel and Runway Girl to come, with The Rebel still in fillers for a while before the next big storyline, which concludes the Ghost Recon saga, I still have some ideas to mess with before that so it might be a while

As for Runaway Girl, it almost begins its next storyline, which doesn’t connect to her bloodline or anything personal, just her getting involved in a siege, where she will face her childhood hero.

Now for July comics…………… Continue reading