Forgot to add, next week is a week off so dont expect any comics for friday till the second week of march


Month off

For those you just arrived, I’ll be taking a month off, all comics will resume in February next month, with Runaway Girl, Dog’s Pub, The Rebel and The Teachers

BUT you will still have comics this month, every wednesday will be a new comic, except for the last week which is the stuff and thangs for Feb,

Today however is a surprise, it will be a list of recomadations and a personal list of my favourite comics that I made.

Well see you all next month! There now its done, lets see where are those keys, ah there we go, im on a highway to hell, im on a highway to hell, oh hi doggie AH GOD GET OFF ESUS! HUFF HUFF HUFF HUFF OH GOD HE BROUGHT FRIENDS! AHAHRGHBAODJIJGNIRGNKDNVRNVROFNVITVMTKBMFKVNF


Its christmas, merry christmas to all

Now as you noticed the schedule changed, as I knew that January will be no new comics, except one new comic that has never been released online before, anyway February is when the comics resumed

Don’t know if Dogs Pub or The Teachers will be delayed, so heads up!

Stuff and Thangs#September2017

Ah that awkward moment till you realize that 2017 is nearly ending, but not for a long time

Until then I got #2017 in development right now, which means that in October, The Rebel and Runaway Girl will go on a month hiatus, since all the time will go into this issue

Who knows I might release more comics in October, but for now theres still The Teachers and Dog’s Pub to fill the weeks.

Now for storylines, The Rebel starts the two parter in September and Runaway Girl is still in its current storyline that will get resolve in December, probably, it depends if I do the Christmas issue

Shit ignore that

and that

and that

Hey here’s the Solits for September…………… Continue reading

Comic editing

I have edited the reading process of all comics, so far since I got a few left to do, but now all comics are easy to read, except the early ones which have glitches

How was I supoose to know it wont accept gifs?

Anyway hope you enjoy all comics of the Rebel, Runaway Girl and any other comic in the Comic List


Thank you

Stuff and Thangs August#2017

Ah August, to tell the truth I never keep tract of the months

New comics are coming in August, New The Rebel and Runway Girl, also New Dog’s Pub and new series The Teachers

The teachers are just more comic strips about, you guess it the teachers in random situations, while Dog’s Pub continues to be funny and random too

As for storylines, The Rebel starts a new one in September, with a horror element in it as he discovers the first Vexodites on Earth. Runaway Girl starts a new storyline this month with The Omega Man, a superman like hero, and theres a high, really high chance she might die

Anyway time for the solicits for August……

artwork1Runaway Girl#17

THE OMEGA MAN! Mouse enters MEGA CITY and admire all the tall buildings and awesome sites, but this visit may cost the warrior her very life………





Artwork1The Rebel#39


-BREAK TIME! The rebels decides to have a small camp out before the next battle, there will be laughs, there will be stories, but as the rebels enjoy their time off, a man who lost the woman he loves plots the perfect plan to kill the rebels once and for all…………

-MANS BEST FRIEND, a short story about a dog and his human…………………

Stuff and Thangs#1

Well I have uploaded all the comics so this site should be up tp date now, more comics will be released monthly

Now I will come back and edit more to this site since its been almost a year, I forgot I had one, Now I will update with at least two comics a month, starting February.

So get ready for more adventures of The Rebel and Runaway Girl