The Teachers#20


Its christmas, merry christmas to all

Now as you noticed the schedule changed, as I knew that January will be no new comics, except one new comic that has never been released online before, anyway February is when the comics resumed

Don’t know if Dogs Pub or The Teachers will be delayed, so heads up!

Stuff and Thangs#December2017

Wow work has been busy, seeing as it is the end of the end almost,

And December is among us, you can see there is a question mark in January well I usually take a month off but now I wanna make more comics, and Im going on holiday soon so maybe one comic I’ll see.

So for the comics The Rebel start the two parter involving Clones! You heard me or read that, and Mouse faces Omega Man one last time in the conclusion to The Omega Man Storyline.

Now as since its Christmas, Dog’s Pub will have its own Christmas Carol, with a cast you’ll find surprising, as for the Teachers it involves Not Santa

Now for the solicitations of December………………….. Continue reading